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How To Set SMART New Year's Resolutions

Here at Ready Realty Group we are all about setting SMART goals. Team members will set daily,weekly, monthly goals and then some. Setting these smart goals allows our team to be the best at what we do; serving the community's real estate needs! SMART goals can be applied to more than just business related goals, however. SMART goals can be applied to creating New Year's resolutions that you will follow through on all the way through 2019! Here's our guide to setting a SMART New Year's Resolution.

First things first, let me explain what SMART stands for. 






Each of these should be considered in every resolution you set. Lets apply these to the most common New Year's resolution, according to ComRes, excercizing more.

Original Goal: Exercise more

How can we make this more specific? Well, what type of exercise do you see yourself enjoying? It's always much easier to achieve something that you enjoy doing. So let's go ahead and say jogging. Our new goal is to jog more. Keep in mind, there is nothing stopping you from making multiple goals such as, jog more, dance more, box more, do more yoga, etc. 

However, none of the above goals are good enough just yet.

How can we make the goal jog more, measurable? How about making it a 30 min jog. You can always exceed this number as well! Just always make sure that its attainable.

What kind of New Year's resolution is a 30 minute jog though. You do it once and cross it off? That doesn't seem like a challenge for this particular goal. Smart goals are repeatable.  Now keeping in mind attainability, lets set an occurrence rate. Let's go for a 30 min jog twice a week.

Now that we set the goal, lets ask ourselves if its timely. Ask yourself if its something that you can evaluate regularly (depending on the goal). With this goal in particular, you can check in weekly to see if you have been following through. By the end of the year, you will have a whole new habit that you enjoy.

Original Resolution: Exercise more

Smart Resolution: Go for a 30 minute jog twice a week.

Still have questions? Check out the short video below to see how to apply it to the resolutions that you're thinking of. Keep in mind that the video will say that R stands for relevant (others may say its realistic), which is also something to consider! But don't forget that some of the best goals are repeatable.

Setting your goal is only half the battle, though! Your next step is to write it down. Place it somewhere where you will see it often, such as a mirror or refrigerator. Our team likes to make vision boards, displaying images that help us visualize our goals.

If you're looking to develop a strong goal, think about potential obstacles and start planning how you will manage them. This will empower you to use these solutions and push through it when these situations arise. It can also help to find a group of people that will support you in reaching this goal. That could look like a jogging buddy, or someone that checks in on you periodically. 

Lastly, put it in your calendar to reflect on your goals monthly. Almost everyone is guilty of setting a New Year's resolution in January and forgetting what it a few months later. At the end of each month, evaluate how successful you were in accomplishing your goals. Don't be afraid to amend them, if needed. If jogging for 30 minutes is too long, reset your goal to 15 or 20 minutes. Remember, all goals should be attainable! Setting unattainable ones can discourage you from trying or make you even hate the resolution itself. You can always increase it at the end of the month, when you sit down and reevaluate. 

Ready Realty Group has set a goal to help 400 families buy or sell a home in 2018. We each have our smaller SMART goals in order to work together and achieve our team one. However, we can't do it without you! So the question is, who do you know that has any real estate questions? Call us at 813-419-6201!

See you in 2018 and have a...

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