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The Ready Group's Home Trade-in Program

Congratulations on your decision to move!  By now, you're probably thinking about the step-by-step process on how to successfully sell your current home while buying your next one.  It can be a daunting task, especially in these market conditions.  With limited inventory, bidding wars on nearly every home, and sellers of the homes you're interested in unwilling to accept a contract contingent on another sale, you might be wondering HOW to make this move into your next dream home.  Wonder no more!  

With the Ready Group's Home Trade-in program, we can help you buy your next home FIRST without being contingent on selling your current one.  You get to make a winning offer, move into your next home, THEN sell your current home (likely for more than what you would have sold it for prior to buying your next home)!  How does it work?

1. You'll get pre-approved through our partner mortgage company (or choose your own).

Just like the first step in any other home purchase, you'll get qualified for your next mortgage.  Plan on paying cash?  You'll skip this step.

2. Our partner company Homelight will make a cash offer on your current home.

This is your guaranteed offer price that will close before you close on your next home, freeing up your equity to buy your next home. 

3. Make a winning offer on your next home.

Sale of home contingencies are a think of the past.  With so many buyers competing for so few houses, the likelihood of a seller accepting an offer contingent on a sale they don't control is nil.  Now you get to make a non-contingent offer since your current home is guaranteed to close.

4. Move into your new home on your schedule.

 Now you don't need to worry about lining up your sell and buy side, living out of suitcases, or paying two mortgages.  Once you close on your new home, you can take all the time you choose to move in.

5. Get full market value after your previous home resells.

If your home sells for more money than the guaranteed price you already received, our partner company Homelight gives you all the overage (minus selling costs and program fees*).  Unlike a traditional i-buyer who profits from the margin, YOU get to keep the extra cash!


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