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Want to sell your home yet don't want to deal with the stress and headaches?  No prep. No showings.  No contingencies. No contract fallout.   Just a simple, certain and convenient way to sell your home.  Don't just settle for one offer, receive multiple cash offers with the click of a button.  Multiple offers with multiple variations to cater to every selling goal! Most homes receive the following:

1. Straight Cash Offer - for those who just want to cash out and be done on day one.  Choose your own closing date up to 90 days out.

2. Cash Plus - for those who want cash up front, AND want the upside of the open market (without the risks).

3. Sell and Stay  - for those who want cash up front, want to stay in the home for up to one year, AND receive the upside of the open market when it resells.

4. Trade In+ - for those selling a home to buy another and don't want the risk and downside of contingencies.

This isn't the typical cash buyer who's looking for profit margins.  This is a service designed to maximize your profit AND minimize your uncertainty.  Click below to get started or keep scrolling for more details and videos on these exclusive programs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand this isn't the "traditional" way to sell a house, and there's bound to be skepticism and a slew of questions.  In fact, we're more than happy to sell your home the traditional way too!  At the same time, our goal is to provide a solution to every home seller - thus the birth of this program.  Here are the questions that often come up:

1. What are the advantages to these cash offers, versus selling the traditional route?

Simple, certain and convenient.  Home sellers who elect to sell to a cash buyer without hitting the market do so because they don't want to deal with the complexities and inconveniences of a traditional home sale (home prep, showings, intrusiveness, not knowing when they'll actually move or if the home will even sell, contingencies, contract fallout, etc.).  With this, you simply lock in your price and close date and you're done.

2. Can or will I put more in my pocket selling the traditional route?

Depends.  Homes exposed to the entire market do tend to sell for more than homes with a limited pool of buyers.  With the Cash and Sell option, you get the best of BOTH worlds though - ease of the cash offer AND the upside of the open market.

3. Can the offers be negotiated?

Absolutely!  The offers are made sight unseen and based on area averages.  If your home has above average finishes, all we have to do is take a look and report back to the cash offer platform.  You are represented by US, and we do NOT represent the buyers.   Therefore WE get to negotiate on YOUR behalf!  In fact, we just negotiated one from under $1.1M to OVER $1.5M!!!

4. Will they inspect the home prior to closing?

They WILL send out an inspector.  Yet it's to verify what we say is true, not to pick apart your agreed upon price.

5. Can I still test the market while considering these offers?

Absolutely!  In fact, that's a strategy used by many of our sellers.  Some offers are good for 30 days, so you can test out the market for a month.  If you don't love the results of that, you already have your fallback plan.  That's part of our Moving in a Month Program (with a Sell for Free Guarantee)!

6. Does the buyer make money on a spread at my expense?

Nope!  Their revenue is strictly from their convenience fee.  In fact, they'd LOVE to resell for the highest price possible. YOU as the seller get that spread and, if you're thrilled with the outcome, you're more likely to refer the service to all your friends and family!  Side note: we as the agent don't make more if you choose this route either.

Prefer to sell the traditional route?

Our clients sell in 1/4th the time and 2.6% higher than average

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