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The Top Nine Most Common  Concerns sellers have and how we help solve them.

It's no secret that rising interest rates have created an entirely new market and, with it, an entirely new set of problems (in addition to the timeless ones).  Homes are taking longer to sell now than since pre-covid, and that's if they even sell at all (*expired listings are up 153% in 2023).  Although it's not the Great Recession market of 2008-2010, sellers now have more valid concerns about the market than they have in years.  Years of research and thousands and thousands of conversations have led us to create solutions for the seller concerns below.  Do any of these resonate with you? 

1. Will my home even sell in today's market?

In addition to maximizing your home's exposure through our cutting edge Listing Launch Plans, we've partnered with a pool of hedge fund buyers to get our clients multiple competing cash offers up front, which are valid for one month.  This means you can put our extreme advertising and marketing to work and, if we don't get the offers we're looking for on the open market, you have a fall back plan for 30 days!  This is our Moving in a Month Guarantee!

2. I have no idea what my home is worth and I'm afraid to leave money on the table.

Home values are anything but static.  Ever changing market conditions can mean your "market value" (what the buyers are willing to pay) can adjust daily.  In today's market, buyers skip seeing homes that THEY think are overpriced, rendering some listings unsellable.  

Our job is to use hundreds of datapoints to help our clients understand current values and strategically price their home to maximize their audience.  From there, the market will speak.  It's wildly important that you don't just list with the agent who tells you the highest price, if that price can't be backed up by data.  Otherwise you risk sitting on the market with your days on market ticking away (a seller's worst enemy).

Our approach will leave you crystal clear on home values and market dynamics, such that you'll feel 100% confident you'll sell for top dollar.  Here's what we do to bring transparency and clarity to you:

A. As part of our consultation process, we'll actually run the "comps" with you.
B. We'll take you through competing listings as if you were a buyer.
C. Once we have the photography done, we play "Guess that price" games with both the general public and the agent population.  That way, you have price opinions from dozens or even hundreds of market watchers.
D. We use the data collected from the one week Coming Soon period to see how the market is responding.
E. We coordinate (and pay for) a full appraisal at Gold and Platinum Launch Plans.
F. In many instances when we get the up front cash offers, we can guarantee to beat the best one OR we'll sell it for free (conditions apply).

3. I have no idea how the process works, how long it will take, or even where to begin?

Home We'll help you lay out a crystal clear, step-by-step plan and timeline.  Our clients choose between an up front cash offer (circumventing the listing process), or one of our cutting edge Listing Launch Plans.  We leave them with every step that will happen, plus a clear understanding of what can happen if any part of the process goes off the rails.  They know the what, when, how and why of every step - start to finish and beyond.

We have plans ranging from us telling you what to do, us doing everything WITH you, to us doing everything FOR you depending on what plan you choose.  After we agree to work together, we'll put together your entire step-by-step process playbook that covers all the milestones AND any contingencies that CAN happen along the way.  You'll have access to an online portal that shows you what's been done and what's going to happen next.  You'll even get a daily "what's next" text!

We'll also give you what's called a "possibility tree", outlining what measures get put in place if anything goes sideways. Imagine NEVER having to wonder what's happening with your sale!


4. Home prep is difficult, expensive and time consuming.  Should I sell it as is?

Some sellers want a completely as is sale, with zero prep work or staging.  Some want to put in some up front work (or call on us to do the work) in order to dramatically increase selling price.  Either way is ok and we're equipped to manage either type of sale (including a "do it for you" model, AND partnerships with stagers and contractors who can help).  We even offer a program that allows our clients to make updates and repairs to their home with NO money out of pocket!

We'll do a full ROI analysis with you.  We'll analyze any project you're considering and, using real time data, will estimate what you can expect to get back in return.  We'll even arrange a free consultation with a general contractor to get real quotes on the work.

For the DIY-ers, we'll leave you with a crystal clear list of what to do and what not to do to maximize your sale as well as recommendations for any service provider you'll ever need.

For those who want us to do it for them, we handle every aspect of home prep for you.  You won't have to lift a finger, or even think about it!  With some of our plans, much of the cost of prep will get reimbursed to you upon closing.

For those who elect our Cash and Sell program, they'll receive proceeds immediately AND proceeds down the line when the home resells.

If you're STILL unsure, we offer a two week trial listing for your home as is.  If we're not getting the results you're looking for, we can then pull off the market and fix it up.

5. My home is what? What's happening with my listing? How is my home being marketed?

As mentioned in concern #3, our job is to ensure our clients NEVER have to ask what's next.  The #1 and #2 complaints about the real estate industry is the lack of communication and lack of transparency.  Because of that, we proudly offer:

A. A 5 day/week communication cadence with a "here's what happens" next after each.  You'll get the same reporting each day of the week.
B. An online portal checklist with what's been done to market and service your listing.
C. You choose your own listing package, so you know exactly what to expect (and when).
D. ZERO cancellation penalty.

6. How do negotiations work (price, terms, contingencies, inspections, repairs, etc)?

Many sellers are left wondering if their agent TRULY has their back, or if they're just out for a quick buck.  While most negotiations are win:win and not zero sum, you'll have peace of mind knowing we're going to bat for YOUR best interests.

A. Like our initial consultation prior to getting into business together, we take the time to do a true offer consultation.  Here we'll go over every detail, possibility and outcome we can take with each offer.
B. Once we come up with the response, you have the opportunity to add input into how you'd like it to be played (scale of extremely aggressive to extremely passive)
C. We'll explore all possible scenarios to eliminate contingencies UP FRONT (certified listing, appraisal waivers, fully underwritten buyers, turn financed buyers to cash, etc.)

7. What legal and financial considerations do I need to be aware of?

Before embarking on this journey, it's important to know what you're getting into.  Our clients have the option to select a free consultation with our attorney, CPA and/or financial planner, so they can have expert guidance all around.

8. How do I know if it's the right time for me?  Will the right house be out there when I do sell?

We want you to be 100% confident in your decision to move.  Part of that is knowing that the right next home will be waiting for you.  Before entering the market, we will:

A. Get approval for our Buy Before you Sell Program (even if you don't end up using it).  That way, you don't have to wait for this home to sell before moving into your next one.
B. Set up the search for your next home up front.
C. Introduce you to our Perfect Home Finder Program, in order to discover any off market and pre-market opportunities that could be available to you.

9. What if I don't want to give up my interest rate?  I have a 3% and current rates are more than double that.

This one is a personal call, yet so many get hung up on JUST the rate itself.  If one or more of the following is true, we invite you to look deeper and consider our Sell and Buy with Me, Get a Buy Down or Refi for Free program.

A. You're carrying high interest credit card/consumer debt that can be paid off after selling.
B. You're outgrowing your home.
C. Your long commute is taking away from family time.
D. There's a significant lifestyle upgrade on the other side of your move.

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