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Why compete with dozens of other buyers for the same home, when you can have your own private list of houses for sale?

Home sales (and values) have been on a strong uptick until rates started their climb in 2022.  Even since, most of the best houses on the market have had competing offers (usually the case in ANY market conditions).

What if you could be the ONLY buyer for the house that fit your needs?  That's what the Ready Group's Perfect Home Finder approach accomplishes for you!  After we have the chance to discuss your housing goals, we'll get to work on uncovering every pre-market home possible so that you can potentially buy your next home with zero competition from other buyers.  When you tell us about your ideal next home, we will then:

1. Send a hand written letter to every home that fits your needs.

Everyone is in SOME stage of considering their next sale, whether they are three months or three years from selling.  When a homeowner who's getting close receives a notification that someone wants to buy their specific home, they are likely to respond and explore the possibility of a convenient, off market sale that doesn't carry all the hassle and headaches of going on the market.  When they do, we can then match you with them!

2. Give every homeowner a call.

Homeowners are receiving lots of mail with offers to buy their home.  Most of those mailers are set out to solicit listings, where ours is much more catered and specific since we have a buyer for THEIR specific home.  Let's say they're numb to all the mail they get and don't respond to our letter.  That's why we'll follow up with a two-way conversation next!

3. Blanket those who don't answer with a voice mail and text message.

Not everyone will answer when we call, so next we'll add a voice mail AND a text message to further spread the word on your interest!

4. Take to the streets.

After we've completed steps 1-3, we'll go door knocking in the neighborhood to strike up face-to-face interactions about your desire to live in the neighborhood.  We'll leave door hangers for those who don't answer when we knock, furthering the message that we have a real buyer for them.

5. Target overpriced and underexposed homes

Homes that are either overpriced and/or underexposed will sit on the market and miss the opportunity to create bidding wars.  When a seller sees every home around them fly off the shelf with 15-20 offers, a sense of panic may start setting in.  Some of our clients' best deals have been with these homes!

This program works!  We've literally helped DOZENS of buyers purchase off market properties with ZERO competition over the last few years.  We believe our Dream Home Finder Approach, and are excited to learn more about your goals so we can put it to work for you!  It doesn't always find a match in the first go around, and that's ok.  You'll still gain instant access to every on market home available as we execute the process.  If it doesn't work the first time, we'll stay at it throughout your entire home search!


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