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If your mortgage rate is over 4% and you  plan on staying in your home, you need to refinance NOW!


Why you need to refinance NOW if you're mortgage rate is over 4%

Sean Ready

Sean is originally from the Mid West, having grown up in Michigan...

Sean is originally from the Mid West, having grown up in Michigan...

Sep 18 2 minutes read

There's never been a better time to refinance, yet the window is closing.

We've never before seen mortgage rates in the 2-3% range.  Thanks to the economic environment we're in, it seems like they may be here for awhile.  HOWEVER - starting December 1st, refinancing will become more expensive for most of us due to a new "adverse market fee" attached to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans.

Why should you care?  The difference in a $400,000 mortgage at 4% interest and one at 2.5% is $330 (car payment, anyone?) Once that fee kicks in, refinancing that loan will cost an additional $2000 (likely added to your interest rate). Due to high volume, refinancing can take longer than normal so lenders are on the crunch to get them closed by that 12/1 deadline!  Act NOW!  Call your banker if you have an existing relationship.  Call us to connect with our preferred mortgage broker, or click the "save thousands on a mortgage" button above to download our app and connect with a Zero Cost Loan through Keller Mortgage.

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