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Stand-Alone Home Living vs. Condo Living: Which Is For You?

Sean Ready

With over 2000 homes sold and 500+ five star online reviews, Sean and his team are on a mission to create raving fans out of each client by delivering...

With over 2000 homes sold and 500+ five star online reviews, Sean and his team are on a mission to create raving fans out of each client by delivering...

May 10 5 minutes read

The reasons why people move are endless. It could be for a new job, school, or the desire to finally pursue your lifelong dream of moving to California. Some people also move for lifestyle reasons. Maybe you’re about to become an empty nester, or maybe you’re preparing to welcome your first or second child, and you need more space. The reasons to buy a home or sell your home are plentiful. In this post, we’ll go over the differences and advantages of stand-alone home living and condo living, so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

Condo Living vs. Stand-Alone Home Living: Key Differences

Stand-alone homes come in a wide array of sizes and styles. Condos also have a bit of variety but mostly comprise single units in a larger building. Most condo owners have neighbors above, below, and beside them. Here are some key differences between stand-alone living and condo living to consider:

  • Cost: Depending on where you live, the cost between the two dwelling types can differ dramatically. But, in general, living in a condo is more affordable than living in a stand-alone house. It’s important to remember that condos typically come with HOA fees on top of the mortgage payment. Some condos will also make you pay additional costs for parking.
  • Insurance: In most cases, homeowners insurance is less expensive for condo owners because they’re only responsible for what happens inside the walls of their unit, whereas homeowners are responsible for their entire property, including the fence, yard, and roof.
  • Maintenance: One perk of condo living is that the HOA takes care of most maintenance issues, including landscaping, pest control, and any major things that need to be fixed. Homeowners must cover all of these costs and take care of the labor themselves (or hire someone to do it).
  • Amenities: Another big perk of condo living is the amenities. Most condos have workout centers and pools for residents to enjoy. If you own a stand-alone home, you must pay to install and keep up your own pool and pay for your own gym equipment or gym membership.
  • Selling: When you’re ready to sell your home, it’s generally considered easier to sell a house than a condo. Before you can sell your condo, you must check with the HOA to make sure you comply with all rules for sale, and you must be current on your dues before listing.

Who Is a Condo Best For?

Condos can be great for first-time homebuyers who may not be ready to take the plunge into owning a stand-alone home and all that it entails. They’re also great options for people looking to downsize and people who no longer want to deal with the hassle of home maintenance.

Some of the most significant perks of condo living include:

  • Affordability
  • Less maintenance
  • More perks or amenities
  • Security

Who Is a House Best For?

Stand-alone homes come with a lot more space (and work). This means they are ideal for people who need room to grow and who are keen on putting in the work it takes to maintain a home. People who want more privacy and who don’t want to share their amenities are better suited for stand-alone homes than people who want to live, play, and socialize from home.

Some of the main reasons people love stand-alone home living include:

  • The ability to customize your home to your heart’s content 
  • The privacy and space
  • The fact that stand-alone homes are easier to sell
  • More control over your living space

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