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5 ways we can help FSBOs sell their home themselves

You've made the decision to sell your home yourself.  Maybe it's a commission thing (or more likely, net in your pocket thing).  Could be due to a previous sour experience with a realtor.  Perhaps it's simply because you're a DYI person.  Whatever your reason, you didn't take it lightly and we get it.  

We want to help you sell your home, regardless if you use an agent or not.  Why? Two reasons: 1. Even if you successfully sell your home yourself, you may know other people who might love our help in the future.    2. If you ever do decide to hire an agent in the future, we want to earn the opportunity to help net you top dollar and get rid of the headaches and hassles.

So here are 6 ways we help For Sale By Owners:

1. Our Complimentary FSBO package

In addition to our blog on The 9 Step Process to Selling Your Home Yourself, we can do any/all of the following for you for free:

  • Walk you through our Marketing Plan and internal checklists so you can execute on your own, as well as provide you with every legal document required to sell your home.  Now you'll have essentially every tool that we have to maximize your home's exposure, and make sure you're legally protected.
  • Align you with a professional stager, who can help with anything from a quick consultation all the way to a full staging package.
  • Align you with a professional photographer and/or videographer for the most engaging media, aerials, and 3D renderings.
  • Help you arrange your photos in a manner that is most likely to captivate your audience.
  • Help you craft an expertly written narrative of your home.
  • Host one of our Mega Open Houses on your behalf (promoted across all the channels we use to market our listings and typically attended by 25-75 interested buyers).  You keep all the buyers who are interested in your home.
  • Help ensure any interested buyers are pre-approved for a mortgage or have provided proof of funds, so you're not wasting time with lookie-loos anymore.  
  • This program gets your home many of the exposure points our full service clients receive!

2. Bring you multiple cash offers

Many I-buyers are starting to go the way of the dinosaur when the market started shifting in 2022.  With Zillow getting out of that business and Open Door losing $1B just in one quarter, you'll be hard pressed to find many i-buyers making actual market value offers.  

RG Offers is partnered with dozens of cash buyers who can compete for your home.  Most homes receive up to 3-5 cash offers on the spot.  Let us submit your property for offers with absolutely zero obligation to accept one.  If you do, we get to negotiate on your behalf on price and terms.  And you get to close on YOUR schedule.  Literally nothing to lose!

Simply click HERE to receive your no obligation cash offer(s).

3. Promote your home to our buyer pool and our database of 100,000 people

If you're already planning on offering a commission to a buyer's agent, let us know!  We have a massive database of buyers who might be a fit.  As much as we'd like to, we certainly don't represent every possible buyer out there.  Make sure you strike this deal with every agent you come in contact with for maximum exposure.

4. Align you with our professional design team

Our clients receive complimentary access to our design team for anything from virtual and reality staging and decluttering to renovation and redesign.  For those who's homes aren't quite a model ready modern masterpiece, this helps your buyer pool envision the home of their dreams in any home.  Interior designers can cost thousands of dollars per room, and our clients receive these services for free.  We can offer you these services at a significant discount.

Click the "play" button on this video to see an example👉

Your online presence is everything.  Far too often we see For Sale By Owner properties sit on the market for months collecting dust.  While you may say "I don't care how long it takes as long as I get my price", your days on market are your worst enemy.  Put your buyer hat on for a minute...Let's say the market's average time on market is 30 days in your neighborhood , what would you think (as a buyer) if you saw a property that's listed for 90 days or more?  Would you be in a hurry to see it?  Or would you assume there's something wrong with it?

In order to sell for top dollar, you need to sell quickly after listing.  In order to sell quickly after listing, you need a strong online presence.  In order to have a strong online presence, you need an omni-channel approach and the best online presence possible.

5. Align you with transaction management concierge services

You found a buyer....AWESOME!  Now what? Securing a contract from a buyer is literally only 10-25% of the process selling your home. Many sellers don't consider all the nuanced details of what happens from contract through closing.  Which title company should you choose?  How do home inspections work?  What's a survey?  How do I get honest and transparent answers from the buyer's lender?  How do I ensure my home appraises?  How long and detailed of a process is this?

Post contract and pre close is INTENSE, and emotions can turn  otherwise friendly parties into hostile beasts who irrationally make demands and contract terminations.  By setting you up with a closing concierge, you're essentially getting a highly experienced third party to manage all the details that can derail an otherwise successful closing.  Most closing coordinators only charge a few hundred dollars, compared to 10X's that or more for a real estate attorney.

Interested in some of these free or discounted services?  Schedule a call with us today.

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