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Meet the 30 (and counting) For Sale By Owners who hired an agent and sold for MORE money

When you're selling a home, the net you put in your pocket is undoubtedly one of the most important factors (if not THE most important).  Conceptually it makes sense that if you don't have to pay realtor fees, you'll net more from the sale.  If that were 100% true, wouldn't 100% of sellers do it?  Meet the 25 (and counting) sellers who tried to sell by owner, then hired an agent and sold for an average of 6.8% HIGHER than what they had it listed for by owner😱.  These results ranged from 0.5% higher all the way up to a whopping 13.8% higher!  Statistically 88% of buyers use an agent (source: 2020 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers).  Why wouldn't they?  It's a complex process and it doesn't cost them anything.  By marketing your home JUST to the buyers who don't have an agent, you're literally only in front of one out of ten buyers.

Don't you owe it to yourself and your financial future to explore if this could be you?  BONUS: you'd get to quit your side hustle of answering hundreds of agent calls over the next few weeks or months, as well as give up all the risks associated with selling by owner.  These sellers would say that paying a professional fee was well worth their investment! We sell homes for as little as 1%, so wouldn't it make sense to explore the opportunity further?

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*source: Zillow for sale by owners from 2021

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