Finding homes within your price range can be difficult
See what $350-500K gets you in Tampa Bay

Here's the situation

Jay and his wife Melanie wanted to get out of townhome living and into a single family home as soon as possible.

Biggest Concerns going into the move

Jay and Melanie were concerned about how to time everything right.  With their purchase contingent on their sale plus the severe shortage of inventory, they were worried about selling quickly and having nowhere to go.

What was driving the move

Jay and Melanie needed to expand.  Having recently combined households, they knew they'd quickly outgrow the townhome.  Going into a single family home with less shared access during a pandemic was also a big plus.

"I can't thank Sean, Pete and the Ready Group enough for walking us through this tricky move! Moving is a stressful time no matter what- make sure to align with professional people ( real estate agent, movers, financial partners) that will 100% represent YOUR best interest as purchasing - selling- moving is a huge process - a process that is only as strong as its weakest link"

The relative ease of navigating this move surprised us

"We thought it would be much harder than it was!   We were shocked that we were under contract in less than 4 hours after listing!"

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" I think this was my 16th move ! Advice prep, prep,prep. Create a timeline ( understanding that it may be somewhat fluid) and plan and then execute. Know what you want in a new home- make sure it " checks all the boxes". Also- do not get sidetracked by minutiae- color of the paint in a bedroom is easily changed"

Looking to sell soon?

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