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Ready Group Keller Williams Listing Checklist

One of the biggest challenges we hear from sellers working with other agents is they have no idea what their agent is doing to sell the home.  Well, we put our money where our mouth is!  Below is our checklist for servicing, marketing, and promotion of our listings so you can follow along. 

Overview of Marketing and Servicing Steps:

  1. Set to held

  2. The consultation and pre-MLS services

  3. Photography

  4. Signage

  5. Property specific website 

  6. Social media

  7. Email

  8. Print/mail

  9. Prospecting/text

  10. Opening weekend

The checklist:

Set to held (resources: notecards/AMcards, print guide/online guide, FUB action plans, cell phone)

  1. Hand written note thanking the client for scheduling the appointment (by team member who scheduled)

  2. Prelist packet/listing docs/seller homework sheet (sent by success team)

    • Online always (

    • If appointment is 24-48 hours out, send via courier/uber

    • If appointment is 48+ hours out, send via snail mail

  3. Just Set Listing Appointment Action plan  (by team member who scheduled)

  4. Video text to the client (by team member who scheduled)

The consultation and pre-MLS services (resources: platform for list consult, print listing agreement, stager, cleaning crew, fb live, command, mls, css)

  1. Uniform consultation used across all Ready Group locations

    • Explain the Ready Group's Charity Pledge and The Promise

  2. Consultation w/ stager.  We pay at 7%+, we reimburse at 6%

  3. Professional home detailing.  We pay at 7%+, we reimburse at 6%

  4. Agent facebook live 

  5. Seller thank you gift

  6. Call/text/email client each day from list to MLS to cover what we're doing (listing manager)

  7. Set up to receive

    • Neighborhood sales data (command neighborhood page)

    • Scheduled weekly agent call

    • Showing feedback from CSS

Photography. (resources: photographer w/ drone and matterport,

  1. Standard is professional photos and some element of video (professional video at gold and platinum)

  2. Aerials when warranted (7%+, great lot, waterfront, proximity to amenities, higher price point, etc.)

  3. Professional walk through video >$300k or 7%+

  4. 3D >$300k or 7%+

  5. Touch ups through

Signage (resources: psp posts, runner, riders)

  1. Order ASAP

  2. Two on corner lots

  3. Coming soon rider

  4. Text capture (bettervoice)

  5. Keller Mortgage step in signs

  6. Rider w/ open house details

Property specific capture site (resources: photos, video, description, host site w/ reg landing pages, godaddy)

  1. Pics, video, description

  2. Create magic links (full, facebook, google, email only, and no registration)

  3. Point URL (ex.

Social Media (resources: fb business page, defined audiences, crm groups, instagram, open house schedule)

  1. Facebook ad using most successful formats in Curaytor Brain to following audiences.  Budget determined by listing package.

    • Haven’t mets

      • Outside CRM using reg link: Targeted demographics (magic million)

      • Inside CRM using no reg link: leads, nurtures, hots (chunky middle)

    • Mets using no reg link

      • Past clients, sphere of influence

  2. Instagram ad

  3. Make sure open house details are in the ads

Email (resources: email platform, crm groups, action plans)

  1. Intriguing subject line

  2. Short body with no reg link.  Open house details

  3. Potential audiences

    • Agents

    • Entire database

    • Past clients, sphere of influence

    • Haven’t mets (leads, nurtures, hots, chunky middle)

    • Anyone tagged w/ listing’s zip

  4. Action plan    

    • Templated for plug and play

    • All social leads automatically put on it

Print/mail (resources: printer/print company, mail house, design)

  1. 50-100 door hangers with reg link, Open house details, and great photo

  2. 100-250 coming soon postcards using command

    • Subject neighborhood

    • Been in the home for 5+ yrs

    • Owner occupant

Prospecting/text (resources: crm groups, mls data, slybroadcast, cole realty resources, text platform/ez text)

  1. Entire team call area past clients and sphere of influence.  Use fub dialer w/ prerecorded VM (no reg link)

  2. Listing agent call top 25 selling agents (slybroadcast top 100)

  3. Outbound sales agent call neighborhood w/ OH details.  Use mojo w/ prerecorded VM ( reg link)

  4. Listing manager text neighborhood w/ open house details and reg link

  5. Buyer agents call leads/nurtures tagged subject zip code (FUB w/ VM  w/ no reg link)

Opening weekend (resources: mls, open house schedule, directional signs, door hangers, tent, refreshments, 1-2 agents, facebook, reg link saved as text, mobile crm)

  1. Live on thursday, OH sat or sun (no showings until open house)

  2. Mega Open House

    • Arrive 60 min+ early 

    • 30+ signs (use shopping centers, major intersections, etc)

    • Door knock 50 w/ hangers

    • RRG tent w/ snacks/refreshments

    • Facebook live

    • Text sign in (reg link).  Script to get visitor’s name and cell

    • Follow up w/ guests the same day when possible

After contract

  1. Change landing page to reflect sold stats

  2. Just sold facebook/instagram ads

  3. Just sold email blast

  4. Just sold CP

  5. Just sold rider

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